I love summer break. I live for lazy mornings, casual “pool hair” days, movie marathons, and neighborhood kids coming around at all hours.

But like all good things, Summer Vacation is coming to a glorious end. Pencils, markers, and backpacks are replacing the beach towels, swimwear, and pool floats in-store displays. It is time to grab our school lists and take the kiddos to multiple stores for an epic shopping all-day adventure.

Fortunately, I have CrayPay.

CrayPay is quick, hassle-free, and saves me money with every purchase. Every. Single. One.  With three children growing like weeds, clothing and shoes are at the top of the list. First, we take care of the teenager. After hours of navigating the mall and hitting Gap, Banana Republic, JC Penny’s, Sears, and Sephora, my teenager is carrying multiple bags while texting her friends where she found “the cutest top” and pics of her newly acquired Vans. I saved 3-5% at each location, just by paying with CrayPay. She is happy. I am happy. Chalk that one up as a win for mom.

Next, we are all off to stock up on school uniforms. I am one of those parents that genuinely supports the school uniform. I am not crazy about the look of the uniforms, but I really appreciate the limited choice selection that my kiddos have to make in the morning before school. Red or Blue? Tan or Black? Pants or Shorts? Simplify the choices and you simplify the morning. Uniforms are golden.

Old Navy and JC Penny rock the school uniforms. I use my store coupons in addition to paying with CrayPay. I am not going to lie. It feels pretty good to save about as much as I spend!

At this point, my entire crew is in desperate need of food and a break from all of the shopping. Lunch at Chili’s is a perfect break. My kiddos love the Chicken Bacon Ranch Quesadillas. I am wondering if it is too early to throw in the towel and start happy hour?

 Back to school shopping is now. Use CrayPay to Seize the Day!

School supplies are next on the list, or should I say lists? I’ve noticed that each year the classroom supply lists are getting longer and longer. Staples is the final stop of the day. Now it is time for the kiddos to select their items. Spiral notebooks in every color? Check. Red folders for Math and Blue for English? Check. Markers, crayons, loose leaf paper, erasers, tissues, dry erase markers, #2 pencils, red pens, blue pens, black pens… Check, check, check. CrayPay at checkout? Check.

CrayPay saved me on clothing. CrayPay saved me on shoes. CrayPay saved me on calculators, backpacks, and all those items that go into the backpacks. CrayPay saved me on uniforms. CrayPay saved me on makeup. CrayPay saved me on lunch. Now I am thinking that CrayPay is going to save me on a spa visit. Yep. CrayPay is the way to shop for back to school. Are you ready to seize the day?