8 New National Brand Partners Are On Their Way (plus a few local favorites)

Summer is here (and so is the list of brands coming to the CrayPay app)!

National Brands:
• The Home Depot
•  Lane Bryant
• Cabela's
• Gymboree
• The Children’s Place
• Boston Market
• AutoZone
• Chipotle

Local Favorites:
• Top Golf
• Bill’s Bar & Burger
• Strip House
• Dos Caminos
• Aquarium Restaurant
• Babin’s Seafood
• Bertucci’s
• Bubba Gump
• Cadillac Bar

I don't know about you, but summer in my house means packing up the family (and the dog) for weekends at the lake. Our kids love to tube and the dog loves to paddle board (true story). The amount of sunscreen we go through in a summer is almost scary. That's why the list of Brand Partners coming to the CrayPay app has my attention. I fully intend to have Christmas-in-July with the buying power conveniently making its way to my iPhone. The Lifetime Freestyle XL Stand-Up Paddleboard and the Outback Lodge 8-Person tent from Cabela's are on the top of that list. With 72 Cabela's locations loaded into the app, I think we'll even be able to save on luggage fees and just pick up some of the gear for our "Glamping" trip when we arrive in Florida.

We also have several DIY projects on our list of things to accomplish this summer; which makes The Home Depot, and it's 1900+ locations, a welcomed edition. My husband's new found love of building custom wall units has been sending us to home improvement stores at least four times a week.  I figure with CrayPay pitching in on his tab for wood stain and carpentry nails, he can run to the store as many times as he needs! Besides, the reaction the cashier has when we pay with the CrayPay app never gets old. Just this past weekend, as we were on our third run of the day to Lowe's (which is also available in the app) the cashier tried to shut down my husband as he reached for his phone. "We don't take phone payments," she said. My hubby looked her square in the eye and said, "Watch this." With a slide of a button, he presented her a barcode to scan. You should've seen her face when the register processed the payment...from his phone. Ha! I love it when they download the app on the spot.

Did I mention my husband and I have four kids? Yep. We have two seven-year olds and two nine-year olds. Naturally I started my back-to-school shopping on the last day of school. Having The Children’s Place and Gymboree in the app is going to make this year's school clothes shopping A LOT easier. We figure we are on target to save a few hundred bucks this year simply by using CrayPay to pay for school supplies and clothes.

Anyways, I love summer because we get to explore and find adventures (like Top Golf)! Whatever excursions YOU have planned, take CrayPay with you. We are. Happy Summer-ing!