Forty percent of adults in the U.S. don’t have enough money saved up to cover even a $400 emergency. But thanks to digital tools, it’s becoming easier than ever to put money aside, save on groceries, or even budget for the entire month.

You already know that CrayPay is an essential tool in your money-saving arsenal, because we pay a percentage of your total at checkout. Your savings will add up even more quickly when you combine CrayPay with other financial apps such as these:

1. Digital coupons

Coupons are hardly new technology; you’re already familiar with what they are and how they work. Digital coupons have the advantage over their analog counterparts in accessibility, convenience, and portability. Not only do digital coupons eliminate the tiresome hunt through a massive stack of paper, but they also save you the annoyance of being at the store when your coupons are at home. And if you do end up with paper coupons, you can digitize them with an app like SnipSnap. Your digital coupons are never farther away than your phone, and they don’t add any bulk to your wallet or purse.

A plethora of mobile coupon apps round up coupons from across retailers and around the web. Whether you’re shopping in-store or online, you can search an app like RetailMeNot or Shopkick to find all of the available coupon codes before you make your purchase. Other mobile coupon apps are tied directly into loyalty programs or accounts at some grocery stores, while others will exist in a separate app. Checking on one or two of them each time — and then making your purchase through CrayPay — will keep more of your money in your wallet.

2. Cash-back portals

Cash-back portals are essentially digital rebate apps. They’re similar to coupons, except they save you money after your purchase. Instead of cutting out a bar code and mailing it in to a retailer, you can now process rebates instantly on your mobile phone. Popular digital rebate apps like Ebates, Swagbucks, and BeFrugal often make their own website or app the first stop and then route you to the retailer. The rebate app tracks your purchases, and you get your cash back a few days later.

Another way to get cash back is by using a receipt scanning app like Ibotta, SavingStar, or Checkout 51. You take an in-app photo of your receipt and gain a certain amount of cash back with every purchase. Once you hit a minimum amount, you can cash out.

3. Budgeting apps

Budgeting apps are more about tracking and managing personal spending than saving money at the register. Less exciting on a daily basis, to be sure, but something that should be the cornerstone of your personal financial management. Budgeting apps like You Need a Budget, Goodbudget, and Simple offer features like automatically updating and sorting transactions, tracking bills, and setting financial goals. Some services, such as Mint, even give access to a free credit score so that you can watch how your credit stacks up.

4. Loyalty programs

Retailers, grocery stores, and restaurants across the country are offering free loyalty programs to give shoppers perks such as discounted dining, Wi-Fi access, coupons, cash back, and even free items. The whole idea of loyalty programs is that the more you shop, the more you earn. Once you’ve made a certain number of purchases, a discount or offer is triggered for you to use on your next purchase. At Kroger, for example, you earn 10 cents off gas for everyone $100 you spend, and Food Lion gives shoppers credit loaded onto their cards after spending a certain amount. Loyalty programs also offer discounts or gifts on your birthday.

5. Digital wallets

Digital wallets and other kinds of mobile payments don’t save money by themselves, but they do keep your money — and your identity — safer than other payment methods. They’re gaining popularity because they let you leave your bulky wallet at home and because they are always along for the ride, even if you do forget a card. And again, digital wallets are safe. They usually use encryption and tokenization in place of traditional methods of verification to keep transactions secure.

Lastly, some digital wallets offer customers cash back, promotions, and other perks. CrayPay, for example, is actually a digital wallet, and we pay a percentage of every purchase you make.

These kinds of digital tools, financial planning apps, opportunities to save money, and more secure transactions are available to more people than ever. Take advantage of them to meet your own savings goals.