Summer break is coming to a close. That means schools are sending out the list of classroom supplies that seems to get longer every year. Back to school shopping is inevitable.

Here are 3 little tips that can make a big difference in your back-to-school spending. Saving is the name of the game!

Tip #1 Store ads are your new best friend.

It's true. Tell your girlfriends that this month, you are canceling on the girls night out. Grab the store ads (or sign up for the email ads) to help you cut costs before you ever leave the house. I like to put on a favorite movie and go through the ads. I focus on the main categories of clothing, shoes, school supplies, and electronics. I keep a running list of the best deals. Do you know that Dell offers “Black Friday in July”? You do now. Staples has some killer weekly deal items. (link to current Staples ad) Get there early and stock up. Jump into the ads and plan your shopping route.

Tip #2 Get the biggest bang for your buck.

Make each dollar count by stacking your savings. Here is how you can do that: Shop store sales and promotions. Find the coupons you will use and keep them with you. Digital Coupons are so easy to keep on your phone! Tap into the free shipping offered with back to school promos. If stores are offering in-store cash when you spend a certain amount, grab it. Use a Credit Card that offers reward points or a percent back. Once you realize just how much you can save while stacking, you will wonder why you don’t do it all of the time.

Tip #3 Use CrayPay at checkout.

This is the easiest tip of all. Download the CrayPay app. It’s free. It’s secure. Link any card for payment. I personally use my credit card that gives me a percentage back on all my transactions. Use CrayPay at checkout to save an additional 2-10% on all of your back-to-school purchases. Even if you don’t do ANYTHING from tip #2 because you are too overwhelmed to even think about adding one more thing, you can pay with CrayPay!

Easy, peasy. What a breezy ! Now the real question is, what are you going to do with all of that money you just saved?