Account Approval

Use of the CrayPay systems is subject to approval. Our decision is based, in part, on information from third party databases. We cannot view the specific details in any such databases, but the information provided to us is sufficient to identify individuals who have been involved or are suspected to have been involved in some type of fraud, including charge back fraud, first party fraud, identity theft, account take over, card not present fraud, friendly fraud or other types of activities that would be harmful to our company, our merchant partners, and our network at large. Declining an account for CrayPay does not mean that a crime has been committed or that we are accusing anyone of committing a crime. We are simply choosing not to allow that individual to use our systems, as the risk of loss or damage to us has been deemed too high.

Our identity and fraud systems ensure that customer accounts are protected and that we are in compliance with federal and state laws.