adding Crypto to CrayPay

 EARN and BUY with cryptocurrency at more than 50,000 retail locations across the United States.

CrayPay already pays a portion of each of your purchases. Soon you’ll earn an additional
10% of the retail price back in CrayCoins.



The CrayCoin token is built on the public Ethereum blockchain, using the (ERC20) standard.

We are launching our token pre-sale to accredited US investors and non US investors on June 1st. There will be a series of rounds with discounts and a hard cap on each round. Interested investors can complete an inquiry form.


Pre-ICO Regulation

Rule 506(c)


A hard cap on the sale of tokens will be set. Sale will be on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Tokens belonging to the team will be locked up for 12 months.

This started over Lunch

CrayPay is the result of a napkin drawing during lunch between payments guru,
Marshall Greenwald and marketing genius, Jared McClure.

Issues with volatility, merchant acceptance, lack of utility, regulatory uncertainty and lack of an effective way to exchange into and out of currencies were the casual talking points at the table that day. What started as two friends catching up over a meal turned into braintrust with the initial sketches to build a platform that could accept more payment options, such as:

  1. Traditional (using local fiat currency)

  2. Non-fiat (using alternate currency)

  3. Hybrid (a combination of fiat and alternate currencies)

Marshall Greenwald

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Jared McClure

Founder and Chief Operating Officer


Chief Financial Officer


General Counsel


Chief Marketing Officer

Ryan Plemons

Architect and Senior .Net Developer

Marcus Gobel

Senior Blockchain Developer

Sharon Gobel

Full Stack UI Developer

Veronica Jefferson

Director of Interactive Design

Bethany Gustafson

Marketing Manager

Arline Allen

Director of Social Media

Garistyn Howard

Online Community Manager

Kendra McClure

Marketing Coordinator

Kim Giroux

Paid Digital Media Manager