Marshall Greenwald recently appeared at NASDAQ to discuss CrayPay's ICO with Jon Najarian.  View the video here.

Project Status

The interview opens with a discussion surrounding the project state of current cryptocurrencies in their efforts to develop a viable product. Investment in ICOs can be a risky venture, especially when the ICO is raising money for a product that has not yet been developed. Unlike most projects that anticipate future development, CrayPay is positioned with a significant advantage over other ICOs in that it already has a functioning product. Granted, the current iteration does not yet include crypto acceptance, but the network is poised to do so with the public launch of ICO sometime in 2019.


CrayPay was, founded in 2015 with a mission of adding various factor security and convenience to mobile payments. The current network has been publicly viable since September of 2017 and boasts several well-known companies. The most persuasive argument for ICO investment into CrayPay lies in their plans to add a crypto coin to that existing, and fully functional model. With the addition of a crypto token that can be earned and spent by its current users, the company continues to add massive value for its end users. Investors should look to this as confidence for investment into both the Initial and pre-sale of CrayCoin tokens.

Retail Locations

The next significant point mentioned in the interview was the sheer size of the current network of retailers. With over 50,000 retail locations CrayPay brings incredible opportunity to the crypto community by forging a path toward significant crypto acceptance. The company looks to influence the market by not only allowing CrayCoin -- CrayPay issued cryptocurrency -- to be spent at every offered location, but also to be earned by users who spend in the network using traditional payment sources, such as credit or debit card. The proprietary system currently employed by CrayPay enables CrayCoin integration to be seamless in the payment experience for end users.


The current obstacle facing CryptoCurrency does not stem from a lack of technology. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Cryptocurrencies are genuinely exciting to many people because they seek to fix the perceived  issues found in the current environment. The industry has matured sufficiently and is  ready for the next hurdle, which is taking part in the currency side of Crypto. CrayPay has opened the door to such an opportunity by making its merchant network available for crypto acceptance.


There does exist a collective mindset in the crypto community to buy and hold currencies. This mindset is influenced both by historical gains and maintained by the lack of alternate exit strategies. This mindset is further strengthened by the volatile price fluctuations caused by a lack of normalization in the industry.  CrayPay brings stability to crypto and offers a strong incentive to spend. A fungible cryptocurrency should, in theory, normalize its value and remove price volatility, thus encouraging spending instead of holding.


Jon brings up the topic of Data security stating: "We hear a lot about data being stolen from retailers these days, so is this something I'm going to have to worry about?" This is an excellent question about the safety involved in safeguarding users credit cards. Marshall is quick to offer that CrayPay tokenizes information and stores it with TSYS, a highly trusted third party. In short, by tokenizing the information, CrayPay removes the concern of payment information being compromised in a hack or stolen from one’s device. The token can be used to pay retailers without disclosing the user’s payment information, and that’s a big win for security.

CrayPay pays for up to 10% of the purchase.

The CrayPay App

At one point Jon turns to ask how adding CrayCoin will affect the experience of users. It’s notable, considering that current implementations for crypto spending, such as Bitcoin, are so different from paying with a plastic card. The move into crypto represents an evolution in how a user makes a payment. There are some significant commonalities. For instance, cryptocurrencies will always be tied to digital wallets, which are most often accessed via a mobile device. In this regard, CrayPay is ahead of the game, as all current app users are actively using their devices with non-crypto payments. Adding a new crypto source to CrayPay will empower current users with an alternate funding source while maintaining their current experience.

Given the value prop, It's very likely that many users will come to the platform to spend CryptoCurrency. However, it’s also of note that the addition of crypto adds to the already fantastic value of the app. With all active listings, CrayPay pays for up to 10% of the purchase. Perhaps the best news is that that current model will not change with the addition of their crypto token. Instead, When CrayCoin goes live, an additional 10% in CrayCoin will be unlocked to users at checkout. Now that’s motivation!.


The feedback and dialog from the crypto community is a fundamental tool when investing in ICOs. CryptoCurrency projects are fundamentally different from standard equity investments in that investors expect to receive periodic updates from the founders. With ICOs, we see communities providing this communicative function for investors. Telegram and Discord, where anyone can talk directly with the teams are the preferred platforms. The conversations between the investor, developer, and executives defuse Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) while reinforcing trust in the projects.


CrayPay has been very open to suggestions throughout its development cycles. One future feature mentioned by Marshall in the interview was 'family functionality.' “You can allow your children to pay with CrayPay, and you can actually see and control where they can spend it and how much they can spend," he said. It’s a very intriguing proposition, especially for parents of younger teens.

Final Thoughts

The interview wraps with info regarding the current pre-ico and future public ICO sale of the CrayCoin token. The ICO pre-sale is open to all accredited investors and includes multiple rounds with different discounts and hard caps. The pre-sale is currently live at, and the public ICO is slated for Q4 of 2018 Keep watching and following CrayPay on its journey from ICO and into the mainstream of CryptoCurrency spending on social media and look for more news on /

Watch the full video hereLearn more about CrayCoin the ICO pre-sale.

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